The town of Alborn will post information on the bulletin board at the Alborn Community Center and on this website.  Residents can keep informed of upcoming meetings by checking these locations on a regular basis.  Please note that meetings are posted at least three days prior to the meeting date.  The dates for the monthly meetings are set up for the upcoming year at the December meeting.

Alborn is seeking photos, historic or recent, of the Alborn township area to be donated or copied and used as decor inside the Alborn Community Center. 
Please contact Greta Klassen at 218-390-3577


Alborn Township
St. Louis County, Minnesota

            Notice is hereby given that the Alborn Town Board, St. Louis County, Minnesota, will hold a Town Board Meeting on:

                                    Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 at 7:00 pm
                                    At the New Independence Town Hall
                                    7828 Swan Lake Rd, Culver, MN 55779
For the purpose and discussion of the renewal of the Joint Powers agreement.

Dated June 3, 2017 and posted by the Town Clerk.

                                                                Amanda Ellefson, Clerk